Traceability in action

How much do companies know about their supply chains? And how can they discover more?

See my report on in traceability in action here.

Data privacy: are human rights for sale?

How do you balance privacy and transparency? When they conflict, which should win?

See my post here on C&E Advisory’s website.

Can you trace your responsibilties?

Here is my ACCA blog post on traceability.

A living concern

If the entire earth were a business, what would it be worth? That is one of the central ideas of ‘What’s the point of capitalism?‘ a new ebook by Joss Tantram.

The analysis is a good read and the issue important. This is the first in a series questioning how 9 billion people – the . . . → Read More: A living concern

Natural capital? But who owns it?

Here is my post about the ownership of natural capital on the ICAEW website.

Quantitative Pleasing – how many is too much

The ICAEW have published my report on the perils of quantification and what can be done about it. Using the examples social and natural capital, it sets out guidelines for when and how quantification should be attempted – and what to do when it should not be done.

SROI – at the awkward adolescent stage?

The SROI methodology for valuing impacts is coming of age. But it is a difficult age which begs important questions. The biggest question is perhaps the presumption that a valuation can be achieved through assigning quantitative financial values to any kind of impact.

After that, perhaps the next most important is: what should it be . . . → Read More: SROI – at the awkward adolescent stage?

Is reporting child's play?

The ACCA has recently published a report on the reporting of child rights issues, in which I was involved.

The abuse of child rights is one of the most serious issues that a company can face. More than any other it has the potential to bring down any organisation associated with it. That is because . . . → Read More: Is reporting child's play?

What hope for corporate accountability

Here are some musings on the – rather sad – state of corporate accountability in 2015. It is a report of a conversation I had with the folk at the SustainAbility consultancy.

The social case for value

How does an organisation find out whether it is doing its part to justify its licence to operate? See my guest blog here.