CSR's importance is underlined by the NoW hacking scandal


News International closed the News of the World last week. The tabloid never published a social report and had no social capital to fall back on.

Here is my Guardian blog post on the matter. but please post any comments here, as the Guardian, for legal reasons, is not opening the post to comments…


4 comments to CSR's importance is underlined by the NoW hacking scandal

  • Dr. Jon C. Staiger

    An excellent analysis. Simply paying lip service to CSR can have repercussions. I imagine Rupert M. wishes his minions had been less spineless when it came to standing up for what was obviously right, instead of caving in to a culture of greed and downright illegality. To quote the Latin, “Non omne quod licet, honestum est.”

  • Adrian

    Thank you. But whether Murdoch would have wanted a more honest staff at the expense of newspaper profits, I am not so sure. On the other hand, when viewed in the context of his strategic ambitions for BSkyB, perhaps a little honesty would have been worth it.

  • Gico Dayanghirang

    News of the World is actually a gossip tabloid. As such, it has no intention to be responsible at all right from its very first publication. But how do we keep these tabloids off the street when a significant number of people read them? We’ve a similar tabloid here in the Philippines and the publisher is now a very wealthy man. Perhaps the state can regulate the manner by which they source and the accuracy of their information. This is good enough I guess. The state can’t dictate on what people ought and ought not to read.

  • An excellent piece. Worth also pointing out that in England & Wales the Companies Act 2006 requires directors, when making decisions on behalf of their company, to have regard, amongst other things, to the impact of the company’s operations on the community and the environment. It also requires some of the largest businesses to make public these impacts in annual reports. This highlights the connection between what constitutes the good of your company and a consideration of its wider corporate social responsibilities. CSR matters because doing the right thing is the right thing to do.

    I’ve linked to your blog on a blog post I have done on CSR and sustainability.

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