Is social value just a placebo?

Or can it be something more?

My thoughts on social value and how it should be used can be found here.

One reply on “Is social value just a placebo?”

Hi Adrian
I found this post really interesting, thank you! The question of social value always troubled me, through 4 years of business school and 6+ working as amanagement consultant. I’ve now gone back to uni to do a masters in anthropology as I wanted to think about ways of investigating social value.
The question I always find myself asking is why does it have to be measured financially? Money is just an arbitrary tool for measurement, albeit one most people understand, but how else could social value be measured?
I also think social value could become clearer if we could separate the economic and political consequences of what a business does. How does it generate value vs who benefits?
I want to do more work on this, to better understand social value. Any advice on how I can get involved would be much appreciated!
Thanks, Hayley

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