Unilever has such a nice image

But is it complicit with the TTIP process?

Articles like this one in the Guardian have celebrated the virtues and actions of Unilever in both environmental and social fields. And it is true that they have done a number of positive things and Paul Polman, their CEO, seems personally committed to sustainability. You would have thought that Unilever would therefore not be in favour of a process like the TTIP which threatens food safety and democracy on a large scale.

But it looks as though either he does not really have a grip on the organisation or he is a very cynical manipulator. The fact is that large food companies and other agri-business corporations are amongst the most active lobbyists involved in the TTIP process. True, it is very difficult to find out exactly what is going on, but certainly Food and Drink Europe (which represents the likes of Nestle and Unilever) seems to be one of the most active lobbyists.

Is Food and Drink Europe properly representing Unilever’s views? Is Unilever happy with the whole thrust of the TTIP process? There appears to be nothing on the Unilever website that  mentions TTIP.

So I wonder what is going on?

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