Is there no accounting for human rights?

There should be! See my blog for the ACCA.

If ‘social value’ is the answer, what’s the question?

Here is my blog on the problems with social value and social impact.

Can corporate affairs be justified?

Can ‘corporate diplomacy’ ever deliver an enduring social licence to operate? See my review of Witold Henisz’ book on corporate diplomacy here. The review looks at the limitations of the business case for delivering true accountability.

Does the World Cup trump corruption?

As the teams battle it out in Brazil, what has happened to the stories of corruption surrounding FIFA?

It is surprisingly difficult to find material related to the recent corruption allegations involving FIFA on FIFA’s own website. You would have thought that there would be something about their internal inquiry into the matter of Qatar’s . . . → Read More: Does the World Cup trump corruption?

The limits to transparency

Is the end (of the internet) nigh?

The recent EU Court ruling that Google must remove harmful material from its search results is very sensible. This was based on finding Google responsible for its search results and that they were harmful to an individual. But the reaction to the judgement has been somewhat hysterical: will we ever . . . → Read More: The limits to transparency

What attitude should companies take to Russia?

Russia has annexed Crimea – what is a company to do about it? Russia has ignored due process in annexing the Crimea, yet the level of popular support for Russia in the Crimea seems very high. And Ukraine is clearly split – but then it has been tossed between higher powers, like so much of Europe, . . . → Read More: What attitude should companies take to Russia?

Is social value just a placebo?

Or can it be something more?

My thoughts on social value and how it should be used can be found here.

How transparent is it possible to be?

Vodafone is trying to put pressure on the government to allow it to disclose requests for wiretaps. Vodafone aims to follow in the footsteps of Google which has been issuing ‘transparency reports’ for a few years.

As the Guardian reports, UK regulations make even the disclosure of the existence of warrants an offence. The current . . . → Read More: How transparent is it possible to be?

Taking integration seriously

Will the new IIRC framework make a difference to accountability?

The main good point about the new IIRC framework is probably that it will encourage those who currently do not report at all on sustainability matters to think about them. It is perhaps the best-articulated statement of the enlightened shareholder perspective to date. But it . . . → Read More: Taking integration seriously

When you do the numbers, climate change means business

A brief look at the BBC’s 2013 Weather Year shows that climate change is not just a clever theory but more a way of life.

Statistically inclined climate change deniers can always say that nothing is certain (rather like how the tobacco companies insisted on saying that the harmfulness of tobacco was never proven).

A . . . → Read More: When you do the numbers, climate change means business