CSR Mentoring

CSR Mentoring for sustainability…taking responsibility seriously

What is CSR?

  • the letters ‘CSR’ stand for corporate social responsibility, but the phrase is very ill-defined and used in many different ways. It is used to cover everything from philanthropy and PR nonsense to the rigors of impact measurement and sometimes challenging critiques of business as usual. And it overlaps several other terms such as corporate responsibility and sustainability amongst many others.

Who is CSR mentoring for?

  • all those involved in CR – or wanting to get involved with the area
  • those working in companies and those in other organisations that work with – or at times against – companies

Why CSR mentoring?

  • corporate responsibility or CSR places special demands on its practitioners. Not only does CSR have to negotiate the normal hurdles of management found in any organisation, it also brings particular challenges:
    • how to reconcile personal values and corporate pressures
    • how to persuade a reluctant management
    • what technical approach may be worthwhile
    • career advice, for example:
      • is it better to work from a position in general management or within a sustainability function, an environment department or within a  ‘CSR department’?
      • What is the best way to develop your career?

CSR mentoring can address all these issues. But it focusses particularly on how you, as an individual, want to work in your organisation – or outside it. A personal support system.

What does it involve?

  • a series of individually arranged, one-to-one sessions. A private space
  • it can take different forms: from unstructured time to think and try out ideas, to structured planning or visioning sessions.

For further information or to arrange a session, please contact me.