Independent Adviser (2000-date)

UK Expert NGO representative to the ISO 26000 social responsibility standard (2006-date) – and from 2009 Chair of BSI UK Mirror Committee

Global Compact UK Steering Group observer for Amnesty International (UK) Business Group (2005-2009)

Hendersons SRI Advisory Committee (2004-2009)

Member BSI committee on sustainability standards (2003-date)

Visiting Professor of Accountability and CSR, Middlesex University Business School

AccountAbility, Council Member, (2000-2006); member of Technical Committee on standards (2002-2011)

Amnesty International (UK) Business Group (2001-2007)

CORE Campaign Steering Group member (1999-2006)

Journal of Corporate Citizenship Review Board (2000-date)

DTI Company Law Review Working Group on Governance (1999)

SIGMA Project Steering Group (1999-2000)

ACCA Social and Environmental Committee (1999-date)

Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Steering Committee (1999-2002)

I was formerly Head of Accountability at the New Economics Foundation. I have also worked for the International Society for Ecology and Culture, an NGO campaigning on economic globalisation, and for PriceWaterhouseCoopers as a management consultant, specialising in financial services.