I write and comment on social and sustainability issues.

Advice & Research

I  produce research and advise national and international companies (eg Roche, Veolia), NGOs (eg Which?, Christian Aid, Global Witness), social enterprise and green tech companies (eg FRC, ITM Power) and public sector organisations (eg DfID) on:

  • social impact measurement
  • human rights & supply chain issues
  • recent developments in corporate responsibility
  • governance issues
  • strategies for achieving sustainability
  • social & economic indicator development
  • accountability and reporting
  • preparing for a social audit.

I  also design and deliver training and development courses (eg Geneva University MBA).

Audit and Commentary
I  formally audit reports and provide report commentaries for companies and other organisations (eg Camelot, United Utilities, Co-operative Financial Services, FRC Group, ?WhatIf!).

I   advise and facilitate  stakeholder dialogue sessions for all kinds of organisations (eg Adidas, GRI, Camelot). This can involve interviews, running group sessions or focus groups and other techniques.

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