I write and comment on social and sustainability issues.

Advice & Research

I  produce research and advise national and international companies (eg Roche, Adidas), NGOs (eg Which?, Christian Aid, Global Witness) and public sector organisations (eg DfID) on:

  • social impact measurement
  • human rights & supply chain issues
  • recent developments in corporate responsibility
  • governance issues
  • strategies for achieving sustainability
  • social & economic indicator development
  • accountability and reporting
  • preparing for a social audit.

I  also design and deliver training and development courses (eg Geneva University MBA).

Audit and Commentary
I  formally audit reports and provide report commentaries for companies and other organisations (eg Camelot, United Utilities, Co-operative Financial Services, FRC Group, ?WhatIf!).

I   advise and facilitate  stakeholder dialogue sessions for all kinds of organisations (eg Adidas, GRI, Camelot). This can involve interviews, running group sessions or focus groups and other techniques.