If 'social value' is the answer, what's the question?

Here is my blog on the problems with social value and social impact.

Can corporate affairs be justified?

Can ‘corporate diplomacy’ ever deliver an enduring social licence to operate? See my review of Witold Henisz’ book on corporate diplomacy here. The review looks at the limitations of the business case for delivering true accountability.

Does the World Cup trump corruption?

As the teams battle it out in Brazil, what has happened to the stories of corruption surrounding FIFA?

It is surprisingly difficult to find material related to the recent corruption allegations involving FIFA on FIFA’s own website. You would have thought that there would be something about their internal inquiry into the matter of Qatar’s . . . → Read More: Does the World Cup trump corruption?

Walking on the Dark Side

What happens when things go wrong? Here is my review of ‘The Dark Side’ – a collection of case studies of poor performance, mistakes and tragedies.

Unsocial enterprise?

Worries over the role of the moneylenders (that’s excluding the banks, whom some think don’t deserve that name any more) is growing.

Wonga is but one of the many lenders to those who cannot really afford to borrow. But it’s catchy name means it will receive more adverse attention than most. Yet CSR strikes even . . . → Read More: Unsocial enterprise?

Moralising at companies: what's the point?

The government and politicians have been lecturing companies on how to behave a lot recently – there’s tax, training and ISPs for a start. But does it work?

The issue of taxes not being paid has received the most attention. That led to Starbucks volunteering an extra £20m over two years. But that may be . . . → Read More: Moralising at companies: what's the point?

You've outsourced your ethics – but they haven't gone away…

After the disastrous factory fires in Pakistan last year, a general review of the effectiveness of CSR approaches to supply chain and workers’ issues was needed. A new report by the US union body, AFL-CIO, shows how poorly current supply chain auditing is serving workers. The report is particularly critical of SA8000 and the Fair . . . → Read More: You've outsourced your ethics – but they haven't gone away…

CSR Impact Measurement

What impact does your company have on the world? And what difference to that impact is your company making with its CSR projects?

In May I am holding 2-day courses on measuring impact in London and in Singapore. For London, you can find out more here. And for Singapore, you can find out more here.

. . . → Read More: CSR Impact Measurement

Stakeholder Engagement

What does stakeholder engagement done well look like? What are the pitfalls? And how should you go about conducting stakeholder engagement well?

In May I am running 2-day courses on this topic in London and in Singapore. You can find out more about the London course here . And you can find out about the . . . → Read More: Stakeholder Engagement

Barclays: banking on PR?

If I were an employee of Barclays, I would be very concerned right now. What if I don’t feel like abandoning my own ethics and adopting someone else’s? Apparently Barclays’ CEO has said that all employees must adopt a new code of ethics or go.

But suppose that I don’t mind changing my core values . . . → Read More: Barclays: banking on PR?