Cuadrilla: back to the past?

However new the technology, Cuadrilla appears to be operating in the last century. The Cuadrilla website includes a section on how insignificant their earthquakes actually are and why water supply contamination just cannot occur.

Unconvinced, the citizens of Balcombe and environmental campaigners have been on the move. They are concerned about the direct impacts of . . . → Read More: Cuadrilla: back to the past?

Constructing the Compact

The Global Compact is facing a real challenge in its handling of the complaint against PetroChina by NGOs.

If it fudges the issue, its credibility will be undermined. If it de-lists PetroChina, it will appear to be going backwards. So if PetroChina will not respond constructively, then perhaps the Global Compact should.

One root of . . . → Read More: Constructing the Compact