Is reporting child's play?

The ACCA has recently published a report on the reporting of child rights issues, in which I was involved.

The abuse of child rights is one of the most serious issues that a company can face. More than any other it has the potential to bring down any organisation associated with it. That is because . . . → Read More: Is reporting child's play?

Those that sell to children should report to them

Sustainability and CSR reports are rarely read – with the exception of those who write them and those who audit them. That doesn’t make them useless. At their best, they provide an anchor point and focus for those within companies trying to manage business impacts.

Still, that is a lot of time and money spent . . . → Read More: Those that sell to children should report to them

Taking integration seriously

Will the new IIRC framework make a difference to accountability?

The main good point about the new IIRC framework is probably that it will encourage those who currently do not report at all on sustainability matters to think about them. It is perhaps the best-articulated statement of the enlightened shareholder perspective to date. But it . . . → Read More: Taking integration seriously

GRI G4: an end to PR perfection?

Will G4 provoke a backlash? The new draft of the GRI Guidelines, G4, represents a step change in reporting. G4 is more demanding in terms of materiality, boundaries, the value chain and in other areas. This could provoke the somewhat childish response from companies that ‘it is just all too much’. And together with the . . . → Read More: GRI G4: an end to PR perfection?

Predictions for 2011

What does 2011 hold for sustainability? Footprints and transparency – see my article in the Guardian Online here.

The Unbearable Lightness of Thought

Apparently it is a good idea to have a recession if that means you can focus on making money at the expense of everything else. Stefan Stern thinks that “now the recession’s here we can forget all that nonsense about corporate social responsibility (CSR) and get back to trying to make some money”. This seems . . . → Read More: The Unbearable Lightness of Thought

Partial to Confusion

The BBC will not support a Disaster Emergency Committee appeal for Gaza.

Their thinking behind this is that it might compromise the BBC’s impartiality. Quite apart from the controversy over this decision actually being good publicity for the appeal, the thinking behind this view seems very muddled.

Of course the war which caused the humanitarian . . . → Read More: Partial to Confusion

Constructing the Compact

The Global Compact is facing a real challenge in its handling of the complaint against PetroChina by NGOs.

If it fudges the issue, its credibility will be undermined. If it de-lists PetroChina, it will appear to be going backwards. So if PetroChina will not respond constructively, then perhaps the Global Compact should.

One root of . . . → Read More: Constructing the Compact