How much is a human being worth?

Over recent months the government has declared that employees (including bosses) should be neither over-paid nor under-paid. That’s fine – but how do you judge what is too much or too little?

It turns out that at the top, the level of pay for CEOs currently bears no relationship to performance, as measured by return . . . → Read More: How much is a human being worth?

Pay and bonuses: we need to know more

In Norway, the income and tax paid by every citizen is on the web. Perhaps the UK isn’t quite ready for the Norwegian system, but how can there be a proper debate about pay, tax and bonuses if we don’t know what anyone gets?

We now know that Network Rail bosses are not taking their . . . → Read More: Pay and bonuses: we need to know more

Rotten Fruit

According to the Guardian, staff mangement practice at Orange is barbaric. For example: “Workers on call-centre floors said they had to ask permission to go to the toilet or file a written explanation for going one-minute over a lunch break.”

We are not just talking about mild staff (dis-)satisfaction here, we are talking about the . . . → Read More: Rotten Fruit