Nothing is certain but death and taxes…

Unless you are a company, when it is all up for grabs…

The House of Commons Public Accounts Committee has challenged HM Revenue and Customs to come clean in its dealings with them. In the view of the Chair of the Committee, confidentiality should not be used as a cloak for companies. Whether this is evasion or avoidance by the Revenue, it challenges the supremacy of parliament and seriously threatens democracy.

Meanwhile UK Uncut is trying to take HMRC to court for getting into bed with the very companies from which it is trying to extract tax.

In part it is the complexity of the tax regime that is to blame. One solution, proposed by conservatives, is for a flat rate tax. For individuals this becomes regressive, so that the poor are more badly affected than those with money. But for companies, the same system would be far more progressive than the current arrangement, in which the large pay far less than the small.

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