Just you, me and the NSA

Privacy is so last millenium. Security is the thing. We have bought our security with our privacy. The trouble is that we don’t know quite what we’ve done, since the providers of security now have the privacy, while we don’t. Oops.

So we are completely in the dark in the matter of what the NSA and GCHQ (and no doubt others too) have done with our online lives.  And just to make it that bit more difficult, everyone is denying everything – governments and companies alike. Only Edward Snowden stands out against the crowd, saying that the NSA has gone too far. And he has disappeared.

William Hague has said that if only we knew what the security services were doing we would be ‘enormously reassured’. Well if there really were some transparency here we might indeed begin to be reassured. But his remarks alone cannot reassure us,  unless of course we all trust him…

But we should have known – after all we are repeatedly told – that there is no such thing as privacy in the modern world, as Judy Kuszewski’s blog points out. Yet at least we know what the private sector does with our data, sort of.

In the end all we really know is that whenever a few of us are gathered together, it is just you, me and the NSA.

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