The advantages of second sight

We all love a good Post Office,  I’m sure – but what happens when the Post Office goes bad?

A few days ago we learned that the continuing rumbles about the training for and the functioning of the Post Office’s key operational Horizon computer system, introduced in 2000, did have some foundation. Or at least I think so, but the Post Office will not release the report that it commissioned Second Sight to produce on the issue. That report apparently found failings with the Post Office and its handling of the affair. However while their report remains confidential, they are said to have issued a press release rebutting its findings. But at the time of writing at least one Post Office computer system did indeed seem to have failed: their website for press releases.

The issue is not mentioned on their social responsibility website. And there seems to be no mention of a whistleblower function there either. This all leaves those aggrieved by the affair in the cold. And overall it represents very poor social responsibility.

The Post Office seems to be painting itself into an ever-tighter corner from which there will be no escape without a little humility and a good dose of transparency. Failing that, having had a first look into the future, I predict there will be legal battles over cover-ups in years to come.


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