Public Boundaries, Private Need?

Should the BBC voluntarily limit itself and commit to doing less to ‘get out of the way’ of the private sector?

That rather presumes that whatever the private sector can do, it should do. So after the BBC: the NHS, the universities, and the rest of the public sector?

We currently have no way, as a society, of agreeing what the proper boundary between the public and private spheres should be.  It would be wise to get that right before assuming that whatever the private sector asks for, it should get.

1 reply on “Public Boundaries, Private Need?”

Interesting how the framing of the legitimacy of public services is changing. Thatcher successfully changed the frame so that it is now widy accepted that public services are inefficient and wasteful, and the private companies could deliver those services better and cheaper.

Now we are seeing a new frame being constructed: an effective public service must be encroaching on the territory of private companies – the BBC is too successful and preventing private companies making enough profit.

Public services now find themselves not only damned if they perform poorly, but also damned if they do well. Heads I win, tails you lose.