Materiality, Transparency and Social Impact courses

I shall be leading courses on materiality, transparency and reporting and social impact in May and June.

Materiality – What Matters (May 27th) – ½ day (afternoon)  Course Aim: To explore how companies can assess whether issues are material

Materiality is a key criterion for deciding what to report and a central plank of credible reporting. But how can it be assessed systematically? For example, to what extent is materiality a function of the scale of an impact? How is stakeholder materiality different from business materiality? And why do companies report so much that may not be material?

 Transparency & Reporting (May 28th) – 1 day Course Aim: To explore the significance, practical delivery and limits of transparency in modern corporate life

It is widely accepted that transparency creates trust. But transparency is much more than reporting yet it is not clear what it really means or how it can be delivered. When is it necessary and when is it dangerous?

 Social Impact – Measuring and Managing Your Social Footprint (June 4th) – 1 day Course Aim: To provide a systematic approach to understanding, identifying, measuring and managing corporate social impact.

Social impact is often said to be the poor relation to environmental and economic impact within the sustainability family. It is poorly understood and under-reported. Why is this? How far is it possible systematically to identify, measure and manage social impacts?

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